Webby Awards Announces Call for Entries

Kevin Spacey
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Spacey will executive producer "House of Cards" for Netflix.

The 18th annual ceremony will include "House of Cards" actor Kevin Spacey and producer Dana Brunetti as part of the judging panel.

The Webby Awards has officially announced its call for entries, and has introduced new awards categories and judges for its 18th annual celebration of the year’s best digital experiences.

The judging panel will include Netflix's House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey and producer Dana Brunetti, as well as producers Ken Marino and Erica Oyama of the online spoof dating show, Burning Love. Also joining the panel are David Droga, the creator of advertisement company Droga5, executive producer June Cohen of TED Media and GIF inventor Steve Wilhite.

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“Over the past 18 years, the Webby Awards has celebrated the powerful impact of the Internet, as it transforms economies, communities, organizations, brands and culture,” said the Webby Awards President David-Michel Davies in a statement. “We look forward to recognizing new technologies and platforms that revolutionize the way we work and live as a way to inspire innovation globally.”

Part of that global vision includes working with the newly-founded Digital City Council, an organization that allows city officials to communicate with each other about the best technological approaches to enhancing the lives of city dwellers. Members of the Council from Boston, Philadelphia, Buenos Aires, Helsinki, Rio de Janeiro, Belfast and Quebec have been invited to participate as judges.

New panel members Spacey and Brunetti were honored with a Special Achievement Award at the 17th annual award show for distributing their hit series online, while Marino and Oyama were also recognized for engaging their audience online and through social media.

In 2012, more than 11,000 entrants from all 50 states and over 60 countries participated in the Webby Awards. Last year, nearly 2 million votes were cast from 200 countries and territories.

The deadline to enter the Webby Awards is Nov. 1. Nominees will be announced in April 2014 with the award ceremony taking place later that spring.