Webby Awards to Showcase Poster Art by Internet Giants for New Show

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

NASA unveiled the first of 20 creative designs around this year's Webby trend, "The Internet Can't Be Stopped."

The Webby Awards has teamed up with NASA, Facebook, Google and other Internet behemoths to generate artwork for its upcoming 20th edition.

The best-of-the-fest awards unveiled a design by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, "The Universe Holds Many Secrets," to illustrate this year's Webby trend, "The Internet Can't Be Stopped." The artwork captures NASA's Cassini spacecraft moving into Saturn's shadow, with Earth in the background.

The NASA creative is the first of 20 design artworks from the Internet giants to feature in the Webbys call for entries for its 20th edition. All the poster artwork will have catchy 5-word titles, fitting for an Internet-achievement event that famously allows award winners 5-word acceptance speeches.

The Webby Awards began in 1996 to honor excellence in digital categories and has been held in New York every year since 2005.