Week in Trailers: An Edward Snowden Doc, a Will Smith Thriller and George Clooney's Sci-Fi Tale

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Also: the latest clips from Kristen Stewart's 'Camp X-Ray' and Nicole Kidman's 'Before I Go to Sleep'

A chilling, ripped-from-the-headlines documentary on Edward Snowden, a Disneyland theme park area turned film (starring George Clooney) and a beguiling heist thriller from Will Smith are among the major titles with trailers debuting in the past seven days.

In the Week in Trailers, The Hollywood Reporter rounds up the notable feature film clips that you might've been missed. 


A documentary about whistleblower Edward Snowden by filmmaker Laura Poitras gets a cryptic trailer. Featuring a voiceover detailing what appears to be Snowden laying out the stakes of leaking secrets, the clip stops right as an intro to the former NSA contractor is made. "An entirely unexpected, incendiary but cool documentary about surveillance secrets downloader Edward Snowden," THR's chief film critic, Todd McCarthy, said in his New York Film Festival review. The film hits theaters Oct. 24.

The Humbling

"There's a fine line between genius and madness." So reads the captions punctuating scenes in the the trailer for Al Pacino's latest film. Deemed a "tragi-comedy" by THR in our review, the trailer sees the actor take a sort of stage dive into a stunned audience, appearing to fall flat on his face. Read THR's review here.


Will Smith, Margot Robbie and a heist film that appears to promise several twists and turns — and even some lighter moments? The first trailer for the film make it appear to be a summer popcorn film, except the movie is dated for a Feb. 27, 2015, release. 


The Disney tentpole gets an understated first trailer. Not much is revealed about the plot of the film, directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles). But the clip does end with a brief glimpse at the theme park-inspired world of Tomorrowland. The title hits theaters on May 22, 2015. Read more about the film here.  

Life Partners

Two close friends, Leighton Meester and Gillian Jacobs, deal with the fallout after one gets a new boyfriend (Adam Brody), in the directorial debut of Susanna Fogel. U.S. rights to the film were acquired by Magnolia in May and the film debuted at L.A.'s Outfest on July 10. The film will get a limited release on Dec. 10.

Camp X-Ray

The latest trailer for the Guantanamo Bay drama starring Kristen Stewart focuses on the psychological impact the detention center has on the prisoners and the guards. In a Sundance review, THR's critic David Rooney deemed the title "A somber but cogent drama that uses its setting as a provocative backdrop rather than a debate point." The film starts in limited release Oct. 17.

Before I Go to Sleep

A new look at the Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth thriller shows the actress as an amnesiac trying to solve the mystery of who attempted to murder her a decade ago. "This decidedly average psychological thriller represents a missed opportunity," THR's review noted. The film hits theaters Oct. 31.