Weinberg in at NBC Entertainment


Reveille's Teri Weinberg has been named executive vp at NBC Entertainment.

She succeeds Katherine Pope, who during the weekend took the reins of NBC Universal Television Studio as president.

At the network, Weinberg joins her former Reveille boss, Ben Silverman, now co-chairman with Marc Graboff of NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio. She will oversee all aspects of NBC Entertainment's scripted series development, reporting to Silverman and Graboff.

Weinberg joined Silverman's Reveille at its inception in 2002 and served as executive vp scripted programming at the company, shepherding all scripted development as well as current scripted series. On the day of the announcement of her new high-level job at NBC, she and Silverman were in New York, attending the Peabody Awards, which honored two of Reveille's shows, NBC's "The Office" and ABC's "Ugly Betty."

Weinberg had been so crucial to Reveille's success in the scripted arena that Silverman believed "it was super important that she joined me at NBC, and I'm so glad she said yes."

"She is such an accomplished executive with great vision and absolute passion," Silverman said. "She is also a dear friend. We had a great ride together at Reveille, and now we're going on a great ride together at NBC."

Silverman said his desire to bring Weinberg to the network as his No. 2 had nothing to do with Pope's departure from the position to take over NBC Uni TV Studio.

"Katherine always wanted to work at the studio, and it played out brilliantly for both of us," he said. "(Weinberg and Pope) are both great executives, and between the two of them, I feel protected. They have my back."

Weinberg said she feels prepared for the job at NBC after overseeing Reveille's three scripted series, "Office," "Ugly Betty" and Showtime's "The Tudors," managing 350-500 cast and crew members.

"It feels natural," she said. "I love being a partner, I love collaboration. We want to make great entertainment, be inspired and bring passion back to what we do."

Silverman said that in their development, he and Weinberg will preserve NBC's tradition of high quality.

"It's all about quality with noise and quality with mass," he said. "We love funny places, we love blue skies, we love inspirational television."

For one of their first pieces of development at NBC, Silverman and Weinberg will stay close to home.

Reveille's comedy pilot "Kath and Kim," based on an Australian format, was picked up by NBC in January but pushed to summer because of difficulties casting the leads.

The project is now "high-profile on fast-track," Silverman said.

Silverman, who built his business by finding quirky concepts abroad and translating them to U.S. audiences, said he and his team are eager to travel to find original ideas and plans to mine the New York and international scenes.

As for Reveille, the company will continue to be a player in the scripted area after Weinberg's departure, Silverman said.

"Reveille is so important to us and something that's going to continue strong in all the business and expand," he said.

Weinberg serves as a co-executive producer of Emmy-winning "The Office" and executive producer on the Golden Globe-winning "Ugly Betty" and "The Tudors."

Before Reveille, Weinberg was a television talent agent at ICM.