'Weiner' Director Josh Kriegman on Anthony Weiner Becoming a "Caricature" | Documentary Oscar Roundtable

"He really became this one-dimensional punchline," said the director.

Josh Kriegman, the director of Weiner, began working with Anthony Weiner long before he began making a film about him. "That's how I got to know him and got to see what a dynamic and interesting person that he is," he said during THR's Documentary Oscar Roundtable. "After he resigned from Congress and after his scandal, that was when I started talking to him about making a film, and the conversation went from there."

"We were interested in trying to see if there's a way to get at some more of the nuance and reality beyond the headlines to show some of the full person that I had gotten to know," said Kriegman of him and co-director Elyse Steinberg.

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