Weingartner preps 'Nanny' pic


Austrian director Hans Weingartner, in San Sebastian with his competition entry "Reclaim Your Brain," is teaming with "City of God" screenwriter Braulio Mantovani for his next project, "Nanny."

"Nanny" revolves around two women who leave their families in South America to become domestic servants in the U.S. As with Weingartner's previous two films — "Brain" and "The Edukators" — it is an undisguised attack on the abuses of modern capitalism.

"It looks at the perversion of the system, where rich countries have to import love and caring (for their children) from the Third World," said Weingartner, "and how these women are forced to leave their own families to go and provide for the rich."

Weingartner made his name on the international film scene with his second feature, "Edukators," which debuted in Cannes and went on to win several awards, including the German Film Critics prize for best film. Palmer West and Jonah Smith of production outfit Thousand Worlds have picked up the U.S. remake rights for "Edukators," which Brad Anderson ("The Machinist") is set to direct after finishing "Transsiberian."

Mantovani, Oscar-nominated for his screenplay for "City of God," most recently completed the scripts to the crime dramas "Tropa de Elite," from Brazilian director Jose Padilha, and the in-production "Linha de Passe," which Mantovani co-wrote with directors Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas (HR 9/24).

Fiesta Prods., the U.K.-based shingle founded by Fiona Neilson and Esther Douglas, will produce "Nanny." Fiesta's last project was the London urban music drama "Life & Lyrics." Shooting on "Nanny" is set to start in April in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"This will be the first time I've ever directed someone else's screenplay and the first time where I won't have to produce the film myself," Weingartner said. "It's heaven to be able to focus solely on the directing."

Weingartner said he was brought on "Nanny" on the recommendation of UTA agent Stuart Manashil, who represents Weingartner and Mantovani in the U.S.