The Weinstein Co. to Adapt French Novel 'Happy People Read and Drink Coffee'

Happy People Read and Drink Coffee - P 2015
Courtesy of Michel Lafon

Happy People Read and Drink Coffee - P 2015

Weinstein Books will also publish the book, by Agnes Martin-Lugand, in the U.S.

The Weinstein Co. has fallen under the spell of French writer Agnes Martin-Lugand’s debut novel Happy People Read and Drink Coffee.

TWC announced Tuesday that it has acquired film rights to the book, which was originally self-published and has gone on to become a hit in France. And Weinstein Books, a partnership between The Weinstein Co. and The Perseus Books Group, has picked up publishing rights to the novel.

Weinstein Books will publish the novel in the U.S. in spring 2016. A film adaptation will be produced by Maeva Gatineau and Sebastien Fechner of Source Films, who brought the material to TWC. TWC execs Negeen Yazdi, president of international production, and Julie Oh, vp production and development, will oversee.

Happy People tells the story of Diane, who is still mired in grief after losing her husband and daughter in a car accident. Searching for a way to remain close to her husband, she takes a trip to Ireland, which he had always wanted to visit, and discovers a possible new love affair. 

French publisher Michel Lafon will release Martin-Lugand’s second novel, Entre mes mains le bonheur se faufile, in France on April 26.

The Happy People deal was negotiated by Sarah Sobel, exec vp business and legal affairs for TWC, with attorney David Miercort on behalf of Source Films.