Weinstein Co./Dimension: Relying on genre pics

2006 boxoffice: $223.5 milion

The Weinstein Co. launched its first full year on a high note with the $51.2 million-grossing CGI-comedy "Hoodwinked" and reached its peak in April with Dimension's $90.7 million-earner "Scary Movie 4," part of the franchise from the Weinsteins' Disney days. The studio also released several of the horror films the franchise sent up, from a solid "Pulse" ($20.3 million) to a paltry "Feast" ($55,000), a project born out of the "Project Greenlight" reality TV series. The company also released several broad comedies such as "Clerks II" and "School for Scoundrels" through its releasing deal with MGM. The jury still is out on the highbrow films that the company once was known for, including such year-end awards hopefuls -- released through MGM -- as "Bobby," "Factory Girl" and "Miss Potter."

Weinstein Co./Dimension releases Date Boxoffice
Hoodwinked 1/13 $51.2
Doogal 2/24 7.6
Scary Movie 4 4/14 90.7
Pulse 8/11 20.3
The Protector 9/8 12.0
Feast 9/22 0.05
Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker 10/6 0.7
Shut Up & Sing 10/27 1.1
Derailed 11/11/05 0.3
The Libertine 11/25/05 4.8
Transamerica 12/2/05 8.7
Mrs. Henderson Presents 12/9/05 10.6
Wolf Creek 12/25/05 3.0
The Matador 12/30/05 12.4

The boxoffice and market share for each distributor represents tickets sales from Jan. 3, 2006, through Jan. 1, 2007, inclusive. "Films tracked" represents the total number of films, including 2005 releases that generated ticket sales for each distributor. For 2005 releases, only boxoffice returns from 2006 are reported.