Former Weinstein Employee Defends Ronan Farrow Against NBC

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Ronan Farrow

Abby Ex, a former Weinstein Co. exec, refuted claims made about her in a leaked NBC News memo.

Abby Ex, a former Weinstein Co. executive, revealed via Twitter on Tuesday that she was the "former Executive A (FEMALE)" in a leaked memo from NBC News chief Andy Lack. The memo sought to defend the network from claims that it had stymied Ronan Farrow's attempts to report on a story about Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual assaults while Farrow was working at NBC.

"I feel like it is my duty to go on the record to clarify what I feel like is a misleading and incorrect account of my testimony as portrayed by NBC," Ex wrote in a statement on Twitter that Farrow then retweeted. "I started talking to Ronan Farrow in June of 2017, off-the-record, detailing my inside knowledge of how things worked at the company in relation to HW meeting and arranging general meetings with women. Meetings, we now know, he used to sexually harass and assault women."

"In the memo, it says that ‘my account was based on suspicion alone.’ That is factually incorrect,” Ex wrote in her statement, referencing a meeting of "dubious nature" she recorded in secret of Weinstein. “Harvey asked ME, many times, to join these meetings, to which I refused. But I was a witness to them, and in fact, was a first-hand witness to physical and verbal abuse at his hands as well, all of which Farrow has on camera from my interview."

Ex's statement comes on the heels of another Weinstein accuser who supported Farrow's reporting and took issue with Lack's memo. On Monday, Emily Nestor said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter that NBC's efforts to discredit Farrow were "shameful" and that she was "disappointed" but "not surprised" by the memo.

"To see this memo leaked to the press with the sources listed, even without our names, and without the full and honest picture of the reporting, feels like the opposite of honest and direct," Nestor continued. "I want to support those who ARE honest and direct in reporting now."