Weinstein Co. to play 'Piccolo' toon


The Weinstein Co. has acquired all North American rights to the CG-animated French feature "Piccolo, Saxo and Company," a musical children's story.

Marco Villamizar's tale follows Piccolo, Saxo and other brass and string instruments that band together to form a grand symphonic orchestra. The group goes on a quest to find musical notes and other instruments stolen by an evil doctor who dreams of building the perfect instrument.

The feature was inspired by "space-age pop" musician Andre Popp's mid-'50s album "Les Aventures de Piccolo Saxo." Carole Scotta from Haut & Court and Roch Lener from Millimages produced the film. The screenplay was written by Isabelle De Catalogne and Juliette Sales.

The film will be released next month in France, with new actors expected to dub an English-language version for the Weinstein Co. It has not yet been determined if the studio will debut it theatrically or on DVD.

Nicholas Brigaud Robert negotiated the deal on behalf of the project's international sales agent Films Distribution with the Weinstein Co.
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