Weinstein: 'Project Runway' fits on Lifetime


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NEW YORK -- Harvey Weinstein said Monday afternoon that moving "Project Runway" from NBC Universal to Lifetime Networks will help the Peabody Award-winning reality series reach its potential.

He declined to discuss when the Weinstein Co. would respond in court to the lawsuit filed against it by NBC Universal over the move.

"That's the one thing I can't talk about," Weinstein told The Hollywood Reporter after a presentation by Lifetime Networks at a midtown Manhattan restaurant Monday afternoon.

But Weinstein disclosed that Lifetime would televise two new Weinstein Co. reality series: "Project Pygmalion," in development for 2009, which will remake the winner and give her entre into high society, and a series looking at "Project Runway" from the models' eyes ("Models of the Runway") that will air in November along with the reality series' sixth-season premiere.

Lifetime made a big splash with "Runway" at its presentation, which in some ways overshadowed the rest of its development slate because of the announcement and lawsuit. Weinstein and Tim Gunn attended the event.

Gunn, Heidi Klum and Michael Kors are on board to continue with the new seasons, though the fate of Nina Garcia remains uncertain after a change at Elle, where she worked, and which is a major sponsor. Weinstein said that he was still trying to work that out.

"Nina wants to stay with us and we want her to be," Weinstein said.

Weinstein declined to dump on Bravo or NBC Uni, and appeared confident that the November timeline wouldn't change with the lawsuit. He said that NBC Uni knew that it wasn't going to stay on Bravo, no matter what happened.

Bravo gets its chance to respond Tuesday at its own press presentation, which like Lifetime's was scheduled before the brouhaha. Gunn said that he hadn't been asked to attend when asked by a reporter if he was going to attend Bravo's function.