The Weinstein Co.: Renewed focus on films


The Weinstein Co. released its biggest hits through other distributors last year: MGM handled the twin horror hits "1408" and "Halloween," while Lionsgate shepherded Michael Moore's "Sicko" into the marketplace, where, with $24.5 million, it became the third-top-grossing nonmusical documentary of all time. With Harvey Weinstein refocusing his attention on his company's theatrical output, hopes were high for "Grindhouse," but after the genre exercise ran out of gas with just $25 million domestically, it was divided into two separate films for release abroad. With Oscar season beckoning, the Weinstein Co. is backing Cate Blanchett's performance in "I'm Not There" and Denzel Washington's "The Great Debaters," which MGM is distributing.

Weinstein Co. 2007 boxofficeRelease dateBoxoffice
Breaking and Entering1/26        0.9
Days of Glory2/16        0.3
Nomad: The Warrior3/16      0.08
Grindhouse4/6     25.0
D.O.A.: Dead or Alive6/150.5
The Last Legion8/17      5.9
Dedication8/24         0.09
Control10/12       0.8
Pete Seeger: The Power of Song10/26     0.2
I’m Not There11/21      3.1
Grace Is Gone12/7        0.03
Shut Up and Sing10/27/06       0.08
2007 total: $37.1 mil