The Weinstein Co. in a slate of flux

'Youth in Revolt' moves; 'Single Man' going mid-December

The Weinstein Co.'s release schedule remains fluid, to say the least.

After previously juggling late-summer releases, the New York indie now has bounced the comedy "Youth in Revolt" from Oct. 30 to Jan. 15. Weinstein also soon will announce that "Nine" will get only a limited release Nov. 25 but expand into wide distribution on Christmas.

Additionally, Weinstein is poised to slot the recently acquired drama "A Single Man" for a limited release in at least 30 theaters in mid-December.

Just last week, Weinstein moved its literary adaptation "The Road" to Nov. 25. That made it inevitable that the unofficially slotted wide release of "Nine" would have to be changed in some fashion.

When Weinstein acquired "A Single Man" this week, speculation spread that it would get only a handful of exclusive Academy-qualifying runs in late December. But the company promised filmmakers it would bow the film this year in at least several markets.

Meanwhile, there are likely only so many films the cash-strapped distributor can support during the next few months. But the move of "Youth" into January was motivated less by that than by how best to support a pic with clear commercial prospects, if early press reaction is any gauge.

In any event, its new slotting will get "Youth" away from the fourth-quarter clutter, which in addition to a bevy of awards-oriented prestige releases also includes such likely boxoffice magnets as Summit's vampire-romance sequel "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" (Nov. 20) and Fox's 3D sci-fi actioner "Avatar" (Dec. 18).

Money considerations and awards-season prospects do weigh on many Weinstein decisions these days. The company is rationing its print-and-advertising expenditures carefully, and its intended pre-Christmas slotting for "Single Man" make clear the pic figures high in its plans for awards season.

"Nine" is another of Weinstein's imminent releases drawing close industry scrutiny. Based on the successful Broadway musical of the same name and directed by Rob Marshall ("Chicago"), "Nine" cast includes Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and Penelope Cruz.