Welcome message: A chance to bridge cultures


I am pleased and proud to welcome you ahead of the start of the 4th Dubai International Film Festival. In today's world, cinema is an important vehicle in bridging gaps between people from different countries and cultures.

The medium of film entertains, engages and informs us of the diversity in the world around us. The Dubai International Film Festival, therefore, has always believed in using cinema and the talent within the industry as beacons of facilitating greater understanding and acceptance.
It is our sincere endeavour to contribute to the dialogue that promotes peace and tolerance on the international stage.

With the 4th Dubai International Film Festival, I am confident that film lovers and our distinguished guests from abroad will enjoy the grand showcase of Arab and international cinema the management has lined up.

I hope you are inspired and enthused to join the movement of global voices and participate in stimulating cross-cultural conversation with your fellow festivalgoers.

I offer my best wishes to everyone for an unforgettable festival experience and memorable stay in Dubai.

-- HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum; President, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority; Chairman, Dubai Airports; Chairman & CEO, Emirates Group; Honorary Chairman, DIFF