Sony Nears Deal to Distribute Wendi Murdoch's 'Journey of a Thousand Miles'

Florence Sloan and Wendi Murdoch - P 2012
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Wendi Murdoch has found a distributor for her second film as a producer. And this time it's not a company owned by husband Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

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Journey of a Thousand Miles, a planned film adaptation of a memoir by Chinese pianist Lang Lang, is being produced by Wendi Murdoch and Florence Sloan, the wife of former MGM chief Harry Sloan. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Sony Pictures is nearing a deal to distribute the film. (News of the deal first appeared in a profile of Murdoch in The New York Times.)

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Journey of a Thousand Miles, which chronicles Lang's rise to become a top pianist and the challenges he overcame within his family and Chinese culture, is the second film producing project from China-born Murdoch and Sloan. The duo collaborated on the 2011 film Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which was distributed in the U.S. by News Corp.-owned Fox Searchlight. It grossed $1.3 million domestic and $10 million overseas.