'Wendy' Trailer: Young Girl Runs Away to Mysterious Island in 'Peter Pan' Reimagining

The Benh Zeitlin-directed film, which is a reimagining of 'Peter Pan,' stars Devin France, Tommie Lynn Milazzo and Shay Walker.

Wendy and the lost boys take over a mysterious island in the first trailer for Fox Searchlight's Wendy.

A reimagining of Peter Pan, the film follows Wendy (Devin France) as she becomes lost on a mysterious island where aging and time have paused. Throughout the pic, she must fight to save her family, her freedom and her youthful spirit from the deadly peril of growing up.

Tommie Lynn Milazzo and Shay Walker also star in Wendy, which Benh Zeitlin directed and co-wrote alongside Eliza Zeitlin.

The trailer opens with Wendy in her bedroom. "Remember the voice in your head? The one that said, 'Sneak away,'" the character says in a voiceover as she jumps out of her window and hops on a train with the lost boys.

The friends soon make their way to a mysterious island, where they excitedly run around and cheer. While on the island, they discuss the legend of Peter, "the boy who would not grow up."

Other references to Peter Pan include Wendy's attempt to fly. She and a friend jump off of a cliff and descend into the water.

While Wendy enjoys her adventures on the island and plans to extend her trip, she becomes homesick and admits that she misses and loves her mother.

"Beware, children. You can leave yourself behind. You won't even know when it happened," Wendy continues in a voiceover as a group of old men take over the island and disrupt the peaceful community the children created.

A montage follows of clips that show the children enjoying their youth. "All children grow up, but some — the wild ones, the ones with the light in their eye — escape," Wendy concludes.

Wendy is set to bow in theaters Feb. 28. Watch the trailer, above.