Wendy Walsh to Address Bill O'Reilly Sexual Harassment Claims at Press Conference

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Walsh's attorney Lisa Bloom tweeted that the press conference will take place on Monday morning.

Radio host Dr. Wendy Walsh, who recently told The New York Times she was sexually harassed by host Bill O'Reilly, will be holding a press conference on Monday to speak out about her claims and present "new demands" to Fox News.

Walsh's attorney Lisa Bloom on Sunday tweeted the announcement of the press conference, set to take place at her Woodland Hills, Calif., offices, as a follow-up to the recent Times article reporting that five women have received $13 million in payments from O'Reilly in exchange for not pursuing litigation or speaking out on their accusations against him. Walsh was not mentioned as one of the five women, but she did tell the Times that she rejected advances made by O'Reilly and decided not to file a complaint so that she didn't harm her career prospects.

Walsh appeared on The O'Reilly Factor as a guest numerous times in 2013 and she told the Times that O'Reilly promised to make her a network contributor. After declining an offer to go to O'Reilly's hotel suite, Walsh soon was not asked to return to the show and was never made a contributor. Walsh is an adjunct professor of psychology at California State University, Channel Islands, and a radio host at KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles.

"The network has become the Bill Cosby of corporate America. How many women must come forward before Fox News complies with the law and respects women," states the press release that Bloom tweeted.

Bloom appeared on CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday, where she said that her client Walsh has never sued or sought a settlement from O'Reilly. She also added that Fox News "has not done an independent investigation, and that needs to happen immediately."

Bloom told CNN that during Monday's press conference she would be making the case for a thorough investigation of sexual harassment at Fox News regardless of the network's new policies and management put into place after chairman Roger Ailes' ousting last year.

"We are now seriously considering legal action to defend Mr. O’Reilly’s reputation,” O'Reilly's lawyer Fredric S. Newman told the Times in a statement Friday evening.

Said 21st Century Fox in a statement, "Notwithstanding the fact that no current or former Fox News employee ever took advantage of the 21st Century Fox hotline to raise a concern about Bill O’Reilly, even anonymously, we have looked into these matters over the last few months and discussed them with Mr. O’Reilly, While he denies the merits of these claims, Mr. O’Reilly has resolved those he regarded as his personal responsibility. Mr. O’Reilly is fully committed to supporting our efforts to improve the environment for all our employees at Fox News.”

Fox News said it wouldn't be commenting beyond 21st Century Fox and O'Reilly's statement.

Former Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson, who received a $20 million settlement for her lawsuit against former Fox News chairman Ailes, tweeted her support to Bloom: "All I can say is thank you @LisaBloom #sexualharassment #warriorn." A Twitter user responded saying "Thank you? That's it? Why not, apologize for not coming forward the 1st time you felt sexually offended while at @FoxNews." To which Carlson responded back, tweeting, "Wow."

Fox News did not immediately return The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.