Wendy Williams Falls Off Stage in Houston During Comedy Tour


"Did you catch my 51-year-old recovery?"

Wendy Williams took a tumble off the stage Saturday during her "Sit Down Tour … Too Real for Stand Up" comedy tour in Houston.

Williams was walking across the stage when she misstepped and fell down, but she recovered quickly. "Shut the f— up!" she said after grabbing the microphone. "There’s the fall that never happened. So, put that on YouTube."

She continued, "Number one, this is like our seventh city on this 12-city comedy tour, for one. Number two, every stage is different. I didn’t see that shit."

She mocked her height, as fans recorded her. "I am 12 feet tall," she said. "But you caught it, right? Did you catch my 51-year-old recovery?"

After the tour, Williams mocked herself on Twitter. "Forgot it’s the ‘Sit Down Tour’ not the fall down tour," she said.

The fall occurs at the 54 second mark.