Wendy Williams Talks Graves' Disease Diagnosis and Talk Show Hiatus

The host returned to her eponymous daytime TV show on Monday, following a three-week hiatus.

Wendy Williams made her return to her eponymous daytime talk show on Monday. Prior to the taping, the host spoke with Amy Robach on Good Morning America to discuss her three-week hiatus.

“I don’t take sick days,” explained Williams, who has been battling Graves' disease and dealing with thyroid issues. Williams told Robach that she had been noticing changes in her body since July, though she did not take her break until February. Jerry O’Connell took over the role as host while Williams focused on her health.

Graves' disease is an immune system disorder that creates overproduction of thyroid hormones.

Williams shared that she canceled appointments with an endocrinologist to attend work meetings and said she was nervous to learn what was wrong with her.

She admitted that she did not prioritize her health before learning about her diagnosis. And she had a mixed reaction to learning about her disease. “I cried and then I laughed,” she said. Williams was ordered to take time off of work to get better. “It turns out it was the best prescription ever. I met a great team. They gave me a full work up."

The daytime talk show host also revealed that she had low Vitamin D levels and that her vertigo was negatively impacting her body’s equilibrium. “It was just a mess going on inside my body,” she said.

“We as women, particularly if we have families … We take care of children, we’re taking care of the home, our husbands. We take care of everybody but ourselves,” said Williams. “I’m not doing that anymore. Wendy first.”

Williams also requested that her fans don't ask her how her health is. “When I see you in the grocery store, when I see you on the streets, please don’t ask me how I feel,” she said. “Because then I’m gonna snap.” Instead, she wants her fans to ask, “How you doing?”