Wes Craven Remembers Christopher Lee: "A Man of Infinite Class and Talent"

Christopher Lee - S 2015
Courtesy of Everett Collection

Christopher Lee - S 2015

The British horror film icon, who achieved screen immortality as Dracula, died June 7 in London at 93 and "lived life to the fullest," Craven tells THR.

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A man of infinite class and talent, Christopher Lee brought gravitas to every scene. With versatile talents, he was able to avoid the great trap of typecasting, taking on roles as varied as Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man (1973), Scaramanga in The Man With the Golden Gun (1974), Saruman in The Lord of the Rings movies and many others that didn’t start with the letter “S.”

With 278 credits to his name, Lee was clearly eager to tell stories. The length and variety of his career speaks to a man with a wealth of curiosity, as do his offscreen activities. It’s a rare man who releases his first album at 76 and then follows it up with several more. His biography calls to mind a John Buchan novel with his upper-class derring-do. Many of us hope we’ll live life to the fullest — Lee actually did. His fans will continue to find him where we always did: onscreen.