West Memphis 3: Twitter Brings Its Abridged Humor to the Men's First Full Day of Freedom

"Paradise Lost"

Sure, it's a serious situation, but we can always count on the social media site to lighten things up a bit.

Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley and Damien Echols aka the West Memphis Three embarked on their first full day of freedom Saturday. After spending 18 years in prison for the killings of three 8-year-old boys from West Memphis, Ark., the three men were released after reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Friday evening, a party was thrown in their honor with celebrity guests including Johnny Depp, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines. While Baldwin and Echols partied on the rooftop of the Madison Hotel, Misskelley decided to spend the night with his with family in West Memphis, according to Memphis Channel 3 News.

Their story inspired the 1996 documentary called Paradise Lost: The Child Murders, and later two more films. 

And while the situation definitely has its serious side, we can always rely on Twitter to bring some of its abridged humor to any occasion.

Too soon? Eh. Here’s a sample of the funniest comments bouncing around the Twitter-sphere on the West Memphis Three. 

“Shouldn't the investigators from the West Memphis 3 go on trial now?” -- @Cavey666

“What's up with this new band all the kids are talking about, the West Memphis 3, are they any good?” – @PeterLandau

"One great part about being the West Memphis 3 is that they missed all the Star Wars prequels" – @MarkTwainCrying

“Bin laden dead. Whitey Bulger found. West Memphis 3 free. Feels like America has been cancelled & the loose plot lines are being tied up.” – @GerryDuggan

“West Memphis 3... Get some.” -- @rotflmaojk

“Damien Echols from the West Memphis 3 looks like he could be Hank Azaria's long lost brother.” -- @bridgetrhee

"While we're at it somebody be sure and tell the West Memphis 3 about Twitter and the internet and stuff." -- @graygunter

"The West Memphis 3 are free. What's Zach De La Rocha gonna be pissed about now?" -- @peanutisawesome