'West Side Story' Reunion: Rita Moreno, George Chakiris Relive Emotional Oscars (Video)

The actors, known for playing Anita and Bernardo, reminisce about their big night and their desire to get the rest of the cast back together.

For West Side Story star Rita Moreno, the 1962 Oscars were a very different experience than for co-star George Chakiris.

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Chakiris won his best supporting actor statue early, while Moreno had to wait — and worry.

“By the time my category came up, it was very late. I had to wait a long time. At that point, West Side Story had swept the awards, and I thought, ‘My Puerto Rican luck; I’ll be the only one who doesn’t get an award.’” When she finally won best supporting actress, she gave one of the briefest speeches in Oscars history.

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“I don’t believe it. Good Lord. I leave you with that.”

Says Moreno: “I was not ready to win. I had nothing planned.”

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