How the 'West Wing' Cast Reunited to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

The West Wing - Josh Malina - Photofest - H - 2016

"As a California Democrat, in order to have any effect on the general election, you have to leave town," Joshua Malina said.

The gang is getting back together in an effort to once again work for the White House. 

Castmembers from The West Wing, including Richard Schiff, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Joshua Malina, Dule Hill and Mary McCormack, will campaign for Hillary Clinton in Ohio this weekend.

Malina, who played Will Bailey in the iconic political drama created by Aaron Sorkin, told The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday he is thrilled to get out the vote with his friends.  

"I support Hillary Clinton and the idea of being a part of any effort to get her elected is exciting to me," Malina tells THR. "[This election] really is the kind of thing that is going to have ramifications for decades to come."

The group of six will campaign around the state, including in Cleveland, Dayton and Columbus. McCormack was the first to send out an email to reunite the cast to stump for Clinton. 

"It all came together on the fly," Malina says. "As a California Democrat, in order to have any effect on the general election, you have to leave town. The idea of going to a battleground state is thrilling for me."

He added, "My sense is that our mission statement isn't about changing hearts and minds, it's more about mobilizing the voters and getting people to reach out beyond their usual comfort zone to get other family members and friends to go out and vote." 

Malina, who currently plays David Rosen on ABC's Scandal, says there will be some who'll react to the faux White House staffers' efforts with cynicism, but the work to be done is worth it. 

"I know there will be some who go, 'Oh, they played political staffers and now they think they're the real thing.' And they have a point, we are just actors. But, that being said, anybody can get out there an encourage others to vote, and that's a positive thing," Malina says. "And I am happy to tell anyone at any of these stops why I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton."

The campaigning in Ohio will be kept positive, Malina says, focusing on why the cast supports Clinton. Still, in regard to Donald Trump he added, "To me, it is very, very scary, the possibilities for the near future."