Westboro Baptist Church Slams Neil Patrick Harris' "Backside," Says Gaga Must "Repent" at Hollywood Reporter Protest (Video)

The group spent Sunday protesting the Oscars.

Members of the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church brought their anti-Hollywood message to The Hollywood Reporter the day after the Oscars.

Senior writer Seth Abramovitch offered a peace offering of donuts and headed out to meet with the group outside of THR's office on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles. Members of the group sported signs reading "America Is doomed" and "Fag Media." Abramovitch heard the group's thoughts on Joan Rivers ("She's "in hell"), the Oscars ("God hates" them) and Neil Patrick Harris' butt ("He needs to keep it covered").

The Kansas-based church — known for being vehemently against the entertainment industry and raising ire for protesting military funerals — spent Sunday picketing the Oscars, and has a bone to pick with the media.

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"The media misuses their platform in the worst ways, and God hates them for that," said one of the church members.  

Watch the video above to see more from the morning.