Bruce Springsteen Reflects on Past Mistakes, Performs New Album in 'Western Stars' Trailer

The documentary marks the musician's directorial debut and was co-helmed by longtime collaborator Thom Zimny.

Warner Bros. on Monday released the first trailer for the cinematic film version of Bruce Springsteen's album Western Stars.

The documentary of the same name marks Springsteen's directorial debut and was co-helmed by longtime collaborator Thom Zimny. Western Stars features archival footage and personal narration as Springsteen performs all 13 songs on the album, which was released in June and is his first studio album in five years. In the documentary, Springsteen is backed by a full band and orchestra as he performs the songs under the cathedral ceiling of his nearly 100-year-old barn.

The trailer opens with Springsteen asking, "How do you change yourself?"

"We've got a hundred-year-old barn filled with the best kind of ghosts and spirits," the singer-songwriter says in a voiceover as clips showcase the historic barn. "We got to play for a few friends. You never know what's gonna happen with new music."

A clip of Springsteen performing "Hello Sunshine" follows as the trailer shows footage of the band and orchestra that accompanies him throughout the performance.

"It's easy to lose yourself or never find yourself," continues Springsteen as shots of him performing contrast with archival footage of the singer during his younger years. "The older you get, the heavier that baggage becomes that you haven't sorted through, so you run. I've done a lot of that kind of running."

As the trailer continues, Springsteen explains that he spent 35 years trying to "let go of the destructive parts" of his life. "We all have our broken pieces. Emotionally, spiritually in this life, nobody gets away unhurt," he says as old clips show him with his wife Patti Scialfa. "We're always trying to find somebody whose broken pieces fit with our broken pieces and something whole emerges."

Springsteen performs "Chasin' Wild Horses" as he reflects on the "magic" that took place while making his most recent album. Clips of his life on the farm contrast with those of him performing as he shares a hopeful message in a voiceover. "Life's mysteries remain and deepen, its answers unresolved," he says. "So you walk on through the dark because that's where the next morning is."

The film was written and performed by Springsteen, with special guest Scialfa. Zimny, Jon Landau, Barbara Carr and George Travis produced the film, with Springsteen serving as executive producer. Additionally, the singer-songwriter penned the original score.

first look at the doc is playing ahead of New Line's Blinded by the Light, the real-life story of a Pakistani high school student in Margaret Thatcher-era England that is inspired by Springsteen's music. 

Western Stars will have its world premiere at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival in September before it hits theaters in October. Watch the full trailer above.