'Westworld' Stars Talk Season 2: "Mayhem and Chaos"

Westworld Finale -Still 6-  Evan Rachel Wood - Jeffrey Wright  - EMBED 2016
Courtesy of HBO

Luke Hemsworth and Jeffrey Wright, speaking from the Dubai International Film Festival, talk samurais and other surprises coming up on HBO's hit drama.

It’s not just the U.S. that’s enthralled by HBO’s Westworld. On Sunday morning, two of the series’ actors, Luke Hemsworth and Jeffrey Wright, took the stage at the Dubai International Film Festival for a moderated conversation on the show and what's coming up in season two.

“The first season is creating order,” Wright said. “The second season is mayhem and chaos.”

Although the two actors are still on hiatus, both Wright and Hemsworth engaged with the audience, talking about process, the show’s progress and politics.

“There are political implications and overtones [in Westworld]; there is this patriarchal structure and this corporate structure around it that is really vulnerable now. It is the target of the revolution,” said Wright, referring to some of the action that was disclosed in the season one finale.  

Westworld is broadcast in Dubai via Orbit Showtime Network, a direct-broadcast satellite provider serving the Middle East and North Africa. Although the provider has full censorship capabilities, the show airs in real time. (There’s a 12-hour time difference between California and Dubai.)

“The samurai world is really attractive, I love that part of the idea,” said Hemsworth, mentioning another theme that was unearthed in the finale. “The first season was just an intro, a prequel. The world is going to obviously get a lot bigger somehow,” he added, teasing out a possible plot line for season two.   

The two actors also addressed the kerfuffle between internet theories and the show’s actual revelations.

“We told from the start what’s going on. Not to disparage, but everything was completely transparent in the most cryptic way,” said Wright. “I think it was Dolores in narration who said, ‘Let’s go back to the beginning.’ It was all made out from the start; there were breadcrumbs left along the way that are now fluorescent.”

Hemsworth and Wright’s characters are largely in the lab in the series, so when asked where they thought their characters might hang out in the Wild West that is the show's theme park, they agreed they probably wouldn’t make it very far.

“I’d like to think that I would be a blackhat, but I’m a real wimp, I’d probably be hanging out in the bar,” said Hemsworth, who originally auditioned to be Teddy (played by James Marsden).  

Added Hemsworth: “There’s a great joy in discovering this world. I don’t have it in me to rape these robots and cut off their heads." Said Wright: "But that’s the question, isn’t it: ‘Do we as human beings have it in us to move outside the bar?' "

Tapping into the ethos of Dubai and the country's apparent need to build the biggest and best of everything in record time, Hemsworth, joked that by the time season two of Westworld airs in 2017, “there will be a real Westworld park on the outskirts of Dubai.”

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