WGA Announces Contract Negotiating Committee

David Young Headshot - P 2013
Lori Dorn

David Young Headshot - P 2013

No date has been set for discussions with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

The Writers Guilds of America, West and East, have named the members of the negotiating committee for their upcoming contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. WGAW executive director David Young will serve as chief negotiator.

The current agreement expires May 1, 2014. No date has been set for the talks.

The members of the committee are:     

Chip Johannessen, co-chair; Billy Ray, co-chair; John Aboud; John August; Alfredo Barrios Jr.; John Bowman; Adam Brooks; Marjorie David; Ian Deitchman; Jonathan Fernandez; Terry George; David S. Goyer; Susannah Grant; Erich Hoeber; Damon Lindelof; Jenny Lumet; Jason Ross; Shawn Ryan; Bill Scheft; Robin Schiff; Stephen Schiff; Micah Wright; Nicole Yorkin; Chris Keyser, WGAW president, ex-officio; Michael Winship, WGAE president, ex-officio; Howard A. Rodman, WGAW vice president, ex-officio; Jeremy Pikser, WGAE vice president, ex-officio; Carl Gottlieb, WGAW secretary-treasurer, ex-officio; and Bob Schneider, WGAE secretary-treasurer, ex-officio.

The DGA currently is negotiating its contract. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the American Federation of Musicians may be next at the table. The WGA is likely to be next after that, with SAG-AFTRA last, since the WGA contract expires almost two months before the actors’ agreement. The latter, like the DGA agreement, expires June 30.

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