WGA Releases Board/Council Election Results

The successful candidates will serve two-terms.

The WGA West and WGA East released the results of their board and council elections Friday.

In the West, eight members were elected to the board of directors: Chip Johannessen, Katherine Fugate, Michael Oates Palmer, John Aboud, Scott Alexander, David A. Goodman, Marjorie David and Kathy Kiernan.

In the East, there were ten seats open on the guild’s council, which is the equivalent of the WGA West’s board. Elected as Freelance members on the Council were: John Auerbach (i), Walter Bernstein (i), Terry George (i), Jenny Lumet, Gina Ginfofriddo (i), Lara Shapiro and Richard Vetere. Elected as Staff members on the Council were: Art Daley (i), Patrick Mason and Ted Schreiber (i). The (i) indicates incumbent.

The board and council members will serve two-year terms, effective immediately. There were no officer elections this year.

The WGA West released numerical breakdowns. A total of 1,320 valid ballots were cast. (That’s a turnout of roughly 15 percent, by THR’s calculation.) The results for the successful candidates were: Johannessen (870, 10.8 percent), Fugate (840, 10.5 percent), Palmer (790, 9.9 percent), Aboud (723, 9.0 percent), Alexander (684, 8.5 percent), Goodman (651, 8.1 percent), David (650, 8.1 percent), Kiernan (585, 7.3 percent). For the other candidates, the breakdown was: David Shore (563, 7.0 percent), Alexander Cary (437, 5.4 percent), Meg LeFauve (393, 4.9 percent), Jordan Mechner (273, 3.4 percent), Barbara Turner (246, 3.1 percent), Eric Small (153, 1.9 percent), Terrence Coli (151, 1.9 percent).

The WGA West and WGA East are technically two separate unions, but they negotiate together on major contracts such as those with the AMPTP. The West performs certain functions for both unions, such as processing of residuals and foreign royalties. In rough numbers, the WGA West has about 8,000 members and the East has about 4,000.

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