WGA East announces council nominees

Twenty-six candidates vying for 10 seats

The WGA East has announced nominees for 10 open seats on its council, including six freelance seats and four staff seats.

For the freelance seats, the 14 candidates include: Jerry Coopersmith, Madeline Amgott, Mark St. Germain, Julian Sheppard, Jeremy Pikser, Bobby Spillane, David Steven Cohen, Rob Kutner, Kirk Simon, Walter Bernstein, Tom Kelly, John Auerbach, Henry Bean and Gina Gionfriddo.

There are 12 candidates for staff seats, including Leon Colvin, Art Daley, Matt Nelko, Tanya Mills, Cath Twohill, Dave Mock, Andy Meppen, Tom Phillips, Jason Levine, Liz Turrell, Jay Pedinoff and Marianne Pryor.

WGAE members can either vote by mail or in person at the annual membership meeting on Sept. 18.