WGA East Announces Officer and Council Candidates

The union’s president, Michael Winship, is running unopposed.

The WGA East on Thursday announced the nominees for its Council, the union’s governing board.

Michael Winship, who is completing his second term as WGA East president, is running unopposed for reelection to that office. VP candidates are Jeremy Pikser and Matt Nelko. Bob Schneider is running unopposed for Secretary-Treasurer.

Candidates are listed in an order determined by lot. All terms are for two years.

In addition to the positions of Guild officers, there are nine open Council seats: six Freelance seats and three Staff seats. In WGA East election terminology, “Freelance” essentially means writers of scripted programming (whether on staff or not) and "Staff" essentially means news writers.

(The WGA East and WGA West represent CBS news writers; WGA East represents ABC news writers; and NBC news writers are represented by another union, NABET.)

The 14 candidates for the six open Freelance seats are: Robert Levi, Leslie Nipkow, Henry Bean, Tom Jennings, Bernardo Ruiz, Elliott Kalan, Daryn Strauss, Courtney Simon, Bonnie Datt, Michael Kantor, Richard Vetere, Susan Kim, Jenny Lumet, and John Marshall.

The four candidates for the three open Staff seats are: Gail Lee, Duane Tollison, Sue Brown McCann, and Phil Pilato

The WGAE annual membership meeting is scheduled for September 15, 2011. Members will receive voting information over the summer.

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