WGA panel: Even the originals must adapt

Writers share tales of the winding road from script to screen

Eight of this year's nominees for the WGA's two feature screenwriting awards gathered to ponder such questions as the thin line between drama and comedy, whether a screenwriter must know how a screenplay ends when beginning a project and how to ensure that a comic bit in "Borat" about human waste was guaranteed to get a laugh. WGA president Patric Verrone welcomed guests to the WGA Theatre in Los Angeles on Feb. 8 for the annual gathering, sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter, Final Draft and the Writers Guild Foundation. Dubbed "Beyond Words," the discussion, moderated by THR film reporter Borys Kit, drew a healthy share of laughter from the packed house, in part because comedies figured prominently among both the original and adapted screenplays. Read the full story

Video highlights: Best original screenplay nominees
Video highlights: Best adapted screenplay nominees

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