WGA passes screenwriting credit amendments

Verrone, Winship say changes show continued solidarity

Members of the WGA East and West have passed three amendments to the guild’s feature screenwriting credit policy.

A total of 1,619 ballots were cast by members. WGA rules require any change to its Credits Manual be put to a vote by its roughly 12,000 members.

Members passed by 90% of the vote to allow the guild’s arbitration committee to teleconference with each other and the arbitration consultant if they’re unable to reach an unanimous decision when determining writing credits.

Additionally, voters passed by 86% an amendment eliminating the "any substantial contribution" standard that allowed the arbitration committee to give credit to production executives or production executive teams without any specific percentage requirement.
With the new amendment, writers receive credit if they can they can prove they contributed more than 33% of the script as a first writer or a writer adaptation or if they acted as a subsequent writer and contributed 50% on an original screenplay.

A total of 83% of the writers voting passed an amendment that reduced the percentage for contributions of subsequent writers who are part of a production executive team. The amendment changed screenplay credit from "substantially more than 60%" to "more than 50%."

WGAW president Patric Verrone and WGAE president Michael Winship said in a statement the changes are "yet another indication of our continued growing solidarity."