WGA West announces new national board

WGA East also unveils results of council election

The Writers Guild of America West announced its national board of directors election results Friday. The WGA East also announced the results of its council election.

Robin Schiff (754 votes), Katherine Fugate (749 votes), Aaron Mendelsohn (741 votes), David A. Goodman (740 votes), Kathy Kiernan (691 votes), Christopher Keyser (610 votes), David Shore (554 votes) and Mark Gunn (519 votes) were elected to two-year terms on the WGAW board. Fugate, Goodman, Gunn, Kiernan and Mendelsohn are incumbents.

A total of 1,273 valid ballots were cast, which reps about 16% of the membership.

Results for the nine remaining WGAW board candidates were Matthew Weiner (507 votes), Karen Harris (463 votes), Timothy J. Lea (376 votes), Cheryl Heuton (290 votes), Naomi Foner (273 votes), Mick Betancourt (257 votes), Erica Montolfo (143 votes), Erich Hoeber (132 votes) and Matt Pyken (111 votes).

There were 387 valid ballots cast in the WGAE council election, repping about 10% of the membership.

Gina Gionfriddo (188 votes), Andrew Bergman (164 votes), Jeremy Pikser (155 votes), John Auerbach (149 votes), Terry George (143 votes) and Walter Bernstein (141 votes) were elected as freelance members on the council. Cath Twohill (206 votes), Marta Gibbons (182 votes), Art Daley (165 votes) and Ted Schreiber (136 votes) were elected as staff members. Gionfriddo, Pikser, Auerbach, Bernstein, Twohill and Daley are incumbents.

All WGAE council terms run through September 2012.
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