WGA West elects board members

Katherine Fugate tops vote with 647

Scribes have elected eight new board members to the WGA West, the guild announced Tuesday.

Topping the list of winners was "Army Wives" writer Katherine Fugate, who received 647 votes. Also elected were John Bowman (629 votes), Howard Michael Gould (619 votes), David A. Goodman (552 votes), Karen Harris (544 votes), Mark Gunn (525 votes), Aaron Mendelsohn (498 votes) and Kathy Kiernan (463 votes). Bowman, Goodman, Gunn, Mendelsohn and Kiernan are incumbents.

A total of 1,235 ballots were cast. Indie firm Pacific Election Services counted the votes.

"Thanks to all the candidates and voters who participated in this election and congratulations to the returning and new members of the board," WGAW president Patric Verrone said. "It will be the responsibility of this board to help enforce the terms of our new contract and to continue to strengthen our guild by organizing unrepresented writers and working closely with our sister unions and guilds."