WGA West Extends David Young’s Contract as Executive Director

Araya Diaz/WireImage

He will be with the guild at least four more years.

The Writers Guild of America West will continue to sail under the same leadership for at least four or six more years, as the organization has extended executive director David Young’s contract for four more years, with an option for an additional two years thereafter.

Young has served the guild, first as interim executive director, then in the permanent role, since 2005. He is the union's top staffer, and he and then-guild president Patric Verone led the union through its tumultuous 100-day strike in 2007-08.

Young also serves as the chief negotiator for the union’s contract with the major studios, which is bargained jointly with the WGA East. The most recent negotiations, a year ago, featured a cliffhanger resolution that many had feared could lead to a strike.

The next round of talks won’t take place until 2020, but meanwhile, Young will be busy guiding the union in its renegotiation of the “franchise agreement” with the Association of Talent Agencies. The guild sent a 12-month termination notice and demand for renegotiation on April 6, so the clock is ticking.