WGAE picks candidates for 10 council seats

Nominees for four staff and six freelance positions

The Writers Guild of America East announced the nominees for its 10 open council seats Monday.

The 21 candidates for the six open freelance seats are Andrew Bergman, Robert Levi, Israel Horovitz, David Steven Cohen, Tom Jennings, Leslie Nipkow, Jeremy Pikser, John Auerbach, Susane Lee, Elizabeth Page, Walter Bernstein, Terry George, Richard Vetere, Bernardo Ruiz, Jerome Coopersmith, Gina Gionfriddo, Bobby Spillane, Fred Graver, Richard Wesley, Julian Sheppard and Jenny Lumet. Terms are for two years.

The 11 candidates for the four open staff seats are Andy Meppen, David Keller, Cath Twohill, Ted Schreiber, Angela Perdos, Kathy McGee, Armando Norat, Brian Morgan, Marta Gibbons, Julia Yoler and Art Daley. Those seats are also two-year terms.

WGAE members can vote by mail or in person at the annual membership meeting Sept. 16.