What Are Americans Eating This Thanksgiving? Yahoo Reveals Most-Searched Recipes

Thanksgiving Turkey - H 2014
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Apple pie moonshine, anyone?

What dishes are going to be on Americans' plates this Thanksgiving holiday?

Judging by newly released data from Yahoo culled from users' most-searched terms, people are sticking to the tried-and-true traditional feast of turkey, potatoes, stuffing and pie. But Yahoo delves even deeper into that data to find out just what kind of dishes they're looking for.

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When it comes to the main dish, "turkey brine" tops the list of turkey-related recipes this month, up a whopping 2,210 percent this month. Also in the top five are "how to smoke a turkey" (up 418 percent) and "Butterball turkey" (up 610 percent).

For side dishes, "mashed potatoes" is tops this month, followed by "scalloped potatoes," and "cornbread stuffing" beats out "Stove Top stuffing recipes."

As for dessert, no surprise here: The search term that's spiked the most in November is "pumpkin pie from scratch" (up 1,932 percent), followed by pecan pie (up 1,776 percent) and "sweet potato pie" (up 577 percent). However, somewhat surprisingly, "apple pie moonshine recipe" also is among the top-searched terms — maybe for those people who need a little something extra to get them through that family dinner.

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And, for those people who just don't feel like cooking, it seems that Whole Foods, Cracker Barrel and Boston Market are among the places they might be ordering food to treat themselves and their loved ones — without having to labor in the kitchen all day.

Check out Yahoo's top- buzzing and searched terms below:

Top-buzzing turkey recipes:
— Turkey brine, up 2,210 percent
— How to smoke a turkey, up 418 percent
— Butterball turkey, up 610 percent
— Deep fried turkey recipes, which is "spiking off the charts," per Yahoo
— Oil-less turkey fryer, also "spiking off the charts"

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Top-searched potatoes:
— Mashed potatoes
— Scalloped potatoes
— Roasted potatoes
— Cauliflower mashed potatoes
— Baked sweet potatoes
— Twice baked potatoes
— Au gratin potatoes
— Garlic mashed potatoes
— Hasselback potatoes
— Sweet potato recipes

Top-searched stuffing recipes:
1. Cornbread stuffing
2. Stove Top stuffing recipes
3. Sausage stuffing
4. Crockpot stuffing

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Top spiking pies:
— Pumpkin pie from scratch, up 1932 percent
— Pecan pie up, 1776 percent
— Sweet potato pie, up 577 percent
— Dutch apple pie, up 156 percent
— Lemon meringue pie, up 127 percent
— Apple pie moonshine recipe, up 114 percent

Top-spiking restaurants include:
— Whole Foods Thanksgiving Menu
— Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving
— Boston Market Thanksgiving Menu
— Luby's Thanksgiving
— Publix Thanksgiving Dinner