What Color Is Bernie Sanders' Suit? Twitter Debates During #DemDebate

Bernie Sanders

Brown, blue or black? While Sanders faced off with Hillary Clinton, viewers took to social media to argue over what color the Vermont senator was wearing.

During tonight's Democratic presidential debate, another debate was taking place on social media over the color of Bernie Sanders' suit.

As the Vermont senator appeared on the CNN/Univision event to square off against Hillary Clinton in Miami, viewers watching at home were quick to comment on Sanders, who appeared to be making a style statement with his brown suit.

But others were seeing blue.

The color debate sparked campaign spokesperson Mike Casca to weigh in, confirming that Sanders' suit is, in fact, blue.

Which propelled the argument even further, with some questioning if "the suit" was the next "the dress" (the viral "white-and-gold or blue-and-black?" question that divided the nation last year).

Watch for yourself and tell us what color you see in the comments.