What Danny Boyle Learned From Michael Fassbender on the Set of 'Steve Jobs'

'Steve Jobs' director Danny Boyle talks working with Michael Fassbender, his favorite scene of his career and his biggest regrets.

Steve Jobs director Danny Boyle raves about his leading actor Michael Fassbender during The Hollywood Reporter's Director Roundtable.

He says of Fassbender, "He had like 200 pages of dialogue and he had to memorize that, and then get through that stage of memorizing so didn't sound like Aaron Sorkin, so he sounded like Steve Jobs, or our version of Steve Jobs. He was extraordinary."

The Oscar-winning director spoke of his favorite scene ever shot for one of his films, noting a brief scene from his zombie-thriller, 28 Days Later. "We shot a scene in 28 Days Later, which we never used. They're driving around in post-apocalyptic, zombie-d Britain and they're singing "Hotel Yorba," The White Stripes song."

When it comes to biggest regrets in his career, again it comes down to music for Boyle. "I did this little kids' film, family film, I'm very, very proud of it, called Millions and it's a beautiful little film about a little boy and his mom," he says. "There was music at the end of it, and I'm a big Clash fan, and I always said I was going to have "Hitsville U.K." it's called, one of the great Clash songs, at the end of the movie." His regret follows, as he "was persuaded out of it by one of those music supervisor people."

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