What Happened to 'Die Hard' Director John McTiernan?

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John McTiernan

The helmer, MIA since leaving federal prison in 2014, is one of four figures so despised (the others are former UTA agent Michael Camacho and 'Lone Survivor' financiers Remington Chase and Stepan Martirosyan), they won't be welcomed back in the industry anytime soon.


Date missing: October 2012
Last seen: Exiting UTA

If you have any info regarding his activities, please call agenting-jail authorities.

Former reality TV agent Camacho has been missing since he resigned from UTA in 2012. UTA ousted the onetime department head one week after it settled a 2011 conflict-of-interest lawsuit brought by former client Scott Einziger, who alleged that Camacho steered the Big Brother producer from a job on a hit CBS series to Relativity Real, a risky venture fronted by Camacho's lover Ellen Rakieten. A UTA source says "nobody knows" where the pariah agent has landed.


Date missing: January 2014
Last seen: Slinking away

If you see this duo, they may be operating under aliases. Exercise extreme caution.

After their cocaine trafficking convictions, prison time and stints as federal informants were uncovered in a 2014 L.A. Weekly story, the financiers behind 2 Guns and Lone Survivor fell off the radar. Although their lawyer Howard Weitzman insisted "they intend to continue their involvement in the production of great films," they have yet to resurface (though the two were spotted in 2015 at a Cannes party for the Matthew McConaughey drama The Sea of Trees).


Date missing: February 2014
Last seen: Leaving federal prison

If you have seen this man, please keep any recording devices out of reach.

He was the Michael Bay of the late '80s and early '90s thanks to Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October. But in 2013, the onetime A-list director began serving a prison sentence for lying to the FBI about hiring former private investigator Anthony Pellicano to wiretap producer Charles Roven (they worked together on 2002's Rollerball). Two years have passed since his 2014 release, and there's no sign of the Paradigm-repped helmer atop any studio lists.

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