What It Takes to Join the World of Netflix’s 'Big Mouth'

Nick Kroll shows what it takes to create a character on 'Big Mouth,' including voice-over work, ADR, time in the editing bay and work from art director Otto Tang.

“The idea of doing something like puberty in an animated format, which gave us so much latitude to tell very tricky, complicated stories about incredibly complicated subjects, like sexuality and puberty for children, it just so immediately felt like a show that needed to exist,” says Nick Kroll, the creator and executive producer of Big Mouth.

Kroll took The Hollywood Reporter inside Titmouse Studios in Los Angeles, where the animated Netflix show, based on Kroll's own experiences with his childhood best friend and co-creator, Andrew Goldberg, is made.

“The cast of the show is almost entirely friends and people I’ve worked with over the years,” he says of the players that include John Mulaney, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph and Jordan Peele.

Behind the scenes, it takes a village of editors, art directors and producers to step into the world of Big Mouth.

“The process of us making a show beginning to end is about a year and half, but it’s why, I think, some of the best stuff that we’ve put out as a culture, and the stuff that really lasts, is animation,” Kroll explains. “At every stage, you have these great people adding their skills to it, and hopefully you keep getting to make it better and better.”

Watch what it takes to become a Big Mouth character in the video above.