This Is The Coolest Thing Ivanka Trump Saw at Fashion Week, So Far

Mark Von Holden /Invision/AP
Ivanka Trump

At Carolina Herrera's runway show on Monday, Pret-a-Reporter asked the front row: "What's the coolest thing you saw at fashion week today?" This is what the fashion insiders said.

"I'm a big fan of Greg Lauren and I loved his Elder Statesman hats combined with cool-guy street looks. I also loved Altuzarra, his Upper East Side bohemian looks -- and everything at Thakoon." -- Amanda Ross, stylist and fashion editor

"Loving all the knitwear, the chunkier the better, with the soft skirts." -- Anne Slowey, Elle news editor

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"Lots of new colorations and combinations for fall: mustard, hunter green, shades of brown, dark blues mixed with black." -- Robbie Myers, Elle editor-in-chief

"I'm loving all the winter white I'm seeing on the runways. I'm wearing white today, and I think it's the perfect winter color." -- Ivanka Trump

"Texture, texture, texture. All the insets of sheer with heavier fabrics, and everything is texturized, embroidered, and fabrics have gone just amazing. It's all about the fabrics." -- Joe Zee, Elle creative director

"I loved the chocolate fountain wall at the opening ceremony. I'm not sure it actually was chocolate -- it could have been brown paint. But it was cool looking, and they gave out chocolate too." -- Eric Wilson, InStyle fashion news director

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"The coolest thing for me is that I'm here at Carolina Herrera with my great friend Tracy Pollan. I don't get to New York Fashion Week that much, so it's very exciting to be here." -- Nanci Ryder, publicist at BWR.

"The coolest thing for me is that I got to wear this tweed jacket and skirt by Carolina Herrera to the Carolina Herrera show. How cool is that?" -- Tracy Pollan, actress and Michael J. Fox's wife

"So far so good is what I say. I'm seeing a lot of beautiful wearable clothes on the New York runways. I think fall 2014 is one of New York's best seasons so far. And we're not even that deep into it." -- Linda Fargo, Bergdorf Goodman senior vice president.

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