From Red Wine to Jager, This Is How L.A. Drinks

Getty Images
Rihanna at a Los Angeles Lakers game in 2013.

We like our beer and whisky, apparently.

Los Angeles' health-conscious reputation may be well-deserved in some respects, but drinking is not one of them. 

According to data from users of Cautoh, an app which allows people to approximate their blood alcohol level by tracking which beverages they've consumed over a set period of time, beer is favored by L.A. drinkers over vodka sodas and other "light" cocktails. Whisky (Drake's go-to) and tequila (a favorite of Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney) come in second and third place, respectively, while Jagermeister comes in last (no surprise there).

See the complete ranking below and see if the data stacks up while you're out this holiday weekend!

(Photo: Courtesy of Cautoh)