This Is What L.A.'s New $1,100 Facial Looks Like

Courtesy of Montage Spa Beverly Hills
Montage Spa

Truffles meet high-tech in L. Raphael's signature treatments, just in time for awards season.

"Everything starts with five-star service," says Ronit Raphael, the founder of luxury Swiss skin-care line L. Raphael and its world-renowned technology-driven treatments. Since being handpicked by Chopard almost a decade ago to prep VIPs for the Cannes Film Festival, Raphael, with its indulgent, radiance-inducing offerings, has become a red-carpet prerequisite around the world, from the French Riviera (Raphael's namesake spa lives in the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez) to New York, where the line calls the spa at Four Seasons Hotel home.

And since striking a partnership with the illustrious Spa Montage at Montage Beverly Hills as the brand's exclusive West Coast location, L. Raphael throws Hollywood in the mix, too, where treatments are quickly becoming staples in A-listers' awards-season beauty regimes.

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Topping the list? The Oxy-Peel Anti-Pigmentation treatment, a $1,100 white-truffle-infused, device-based facial that packs a powerful antiaging punch while delivering an immediate glow that can easily linger for up to a month at a time. "Our guests are typically busy travelers who don't have a lot of time," says Raphael. "They don’t care how much it is. They want someone to maximize their time and give them the best quality for their services."

Where most oxygen facials feel like a gentle breeze, L. Raphael's Oxy-Peel experience — which can be customized for a wide range of skin concerns, from aging to acne, using the in-house product line — is more comparable to a mini tornado. The $1,100 Anti-Pigmentation version begins and ends with a product-infused oxygen blast across the face and decollete using the brand's futuristic Oxy-Tech II machine, which penetrates active ingredients like the patented LEC 40 lipid complex  and white truffles (known for their ability to fade pigmentation) deep into the dermis. A collagen mask further rejuvenates skin in between oxygen applications. "Our treatments have a long-lasting effect and the ingredients are the best on the market," says Raphael, who prides herself on both her brand's cutting-edge technology and formulas.

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Other devices at L. Raphael's Beverly Hills oasis include the ultrasound-based Ultra-Lifting treatments (great for firming around the eyes, face and neck) and the exfoliating Beauty Diamond, which offsets aging and sun damage. Layered together, the treatments are the ultimate trifecta for anyone setting foot on the red carpet this season. Your wallet might not thank you, but your skin certainly will.