What Other Late-Night Hosts Had to Say About 'Conan'

Jon Stewart, David Letterman, George Lopez and Craig Ferguson react to their new competition.

What do other late-nigh hosts think of Conan, which premiered Monday on TBS?

"I want to congratulate Conan O'Brien and his crew. They're back on television tonight," Jon Stewart noted on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. "I don't know when… son of a bitch! They're on the same time as me. Now I'll never be able to watch me." Watch the clip - and others - here.

Said David Letterman on CBS' Late Show: "We gained an hour and they slipped in another talk show. Yes, right about now, Conan is about half way through his first show, and everything is going fine. And yep… no signs of foul play yet…." THR Review: Conan.

Letterman made sure to pause and let the audience chuckle at his intended target, Jay Leno, who took back The Tonight Show just seven months after handing it over to O'Brien.

George Lopez thanked "my opening act."

"Sixty years ago, a Latino and a red head made history with I Love Lucy. History repeats itself with Conan O'Brien and George Lopez!" enthused the TBS Lopez Tonight host. "Team Coco, say hello to Team Loco."

Craig Ferguson goofed off with a red headed PA named Bridger, who formerly worked on Letterman's show.

"You're a red-haired gentlemen. You used to be on 11:30 show, but now you've changed your time slot. Let me put it to you,  Bridger, if that's really your name… your idea was to be on TBS this evening with your new show!" joked the Late Late Show host. "You somehow sneaked in here [for] the glamour…."