What the Psychic Twins Think Is in Store for This Year

Diego Campos
The Jamison twins

The sisters, Terry and Linda Jamison, have become a household name times two.

The Psychic Twins are perhaps best known for their prediction in 1999 that there would be terrorist attacks on federal buildings and the World Trade Center by the year 2002. Sadly, they were right.

Predictions aside, the sisters are also known as Terry and Linda Jamison, identical twins from West Chester, Pa. They have worked as painters and performance artists, but it's their gift of predicting the future and channeling the spirits of the deceased that has made them a household name times two.

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Full disclosure: As a twin myself, I'm fascinated by what the women have dubbed their "twin-tuition," the magical bond they share which allows them to do what they do (as evidenced on YouTube and their personal website). I asked them to explain their powers, share their predictions for the year ahead and dish on which celebs are their favorites. I even polled them for their prognosis for me personally.

And the Jamison Twins — longtime residents of L.A. and practicing Buddhists — answered in the same way they do everything: together. In their own words, they "have elevated co-dependency to the level of a science," and for some reason, it really works. Judge for yourself ...

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You’re quite famous for thousands of correct world predictions over the years, most notably predicting the World Trade Center terrorist attack. Anything big on the horizon in 2016?

We have over 1,500 documented world predictions since 1999, including many the most dramatic events of the new millennium: 9/11, the Paris terror attacks, the San Bernardino massacre, the Boston Marathon bombings, as well as numerous health and medical breakthroughs. We think 2016 will be another crazy year, so buckle up. We see several terror plots in progress now for New York City, Washington D.C. and California. There are plots in Europe, France, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia. London is also in danger, so be very vigilant if you are traveling. Some of these attacks will be thwarted.

How hard is it to deal with people who doubt your gifts?

People send us hate mail and death threats without looking at our proven predictions. We always say skeptics are like atheists, who refuse to look at proof, no matter how specific. It’s impossible to dismiss or ignore our 1,500 predictions on tape. People often tell us that our gift is like a super power, and they wish they could do it. There are some who continue to claim that what we do is impossible. But we have put some significant cracks in the glass ceiling. We are shattering the paradigms of what is possible, and this is threatening to many. It’s a little like Columbus, who proved that the world wasn’t flat. People don’t like it when we explode their long-held, deeply entrenched beliefs.

What is the most unusual scenario in which you have applied your gifts?

Everything we do is a bit unusual! No one decides at the age of 5, 'I’m going to predict the future like Nostradamus when I grow up.' Most people wouldn’t expect little girls from a small country town in Pennsylvania to crack murder cases or find missing persons. Probably the most amazing story was when we were contacted by the legendary Art Bell on Nov.  2, 1999, to make world predictions for the new millennium on his popular paranormal show Coast to Coast AM. We had never predicted world events on an international show before. As it happened, that night we ended up predicting 9/11 and the Pentagon attack — the biggest terror attacks in history — to 20 million listeners.

SISTER STRENGTH: The Jamison twins have conquered life's toughest obstacles, cancer, poverty and "unimaginable loss," they say.

What is the hardest part about what you do?

We helped the LAPD Celebrity Stalker Unit track down and arrest one of our stalkers for making hundreds of death threats via email. But another thing that has been especially challenging is that so many people have copied our stories, books and costume designs — even our name — without asking permission. We were shocked to find that copyright laws do not protect the original authors or designers. It’s unbelievably frustrating. We deal with some pretty powerful electrical energies when we’re doing this kind of channeling work. It’s not like we’re just reading cards or something. When you go into the energy field of a deceased celebrity with that kind of power, it can be pretty intense. As empaths, we often take on the physical and emotional pain that person may have suffered.

You are able to communicate with the dead, and in your book, Died Too Young: Stars Reveal Secrets From Beyond the Grave, you recount interactions with many major stars including Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, Robin Williams and Natalie Wood. What interaction was most surprising or had the biggest emotional impact on you personally?

Probably Michael Jackson. That was quite an emotionally channeling session. We were surprised at how candid all the stars were once we made the connection. They didn’t hold much back. They were very honest about their regrets and private pain. We were quite amazed at the private information that they shared with us. It was really very moving. We remember actually crying at the messages that came through from Lady Diana, Natalie Wood and Michael Jackson.

BEST-SELLER: The Jamison Twins' book features anecdotes delivered through conversations they had with late celebs.

After revealing your conversations with them, did you ever hear from any family members or the estates of the above?

We haven’t heard from them, but we hope they enjoyed our book! We tried to be objective, and write their stories from a place of deep respect and compassion.

You started in performance art and have appeared with many major stars on stage in various projects. Has that experience helped you in communicating with late artists?

Definitely. We started out with our own magical night circus in New York City, where we developed 20 original comic characters and produced and performed for hundreds of special events, including a Christmas show for The White House. We also fronted our own band, Flying Objects. The two of us always had a passion for creating performance and visual art. We’re also professional painters and costume designers. As comics and singers, we feel we are the best psychics to connect with celebrities of their great stature. We speak the same language.

Do you follow celebrity culture? Who would you say is your favorite artist (actor, musician, etc.)?

We have always followed celebrities, and have made many accurate predictions about Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, Whitney Houston, Nicole Kidman, Princess Kate, Justin Timberlake, Whoopi Goldberg, Dick Clark and countless others. Our favorite singer has to be Adele, whose voice is so perfect she doesn’t need to rely on gimmicks. John Lennon and Andy Warhol are muses for us, and we have written about this in our books.

Tell me about your TV show.

We are being pitched by some big television production companies right now. Can’t give details, but we’re excited about the next few years. Our new Youtube Channel "The Psychic Twins" is the fastest-growing channel of all time. With so many big celebrities behind us, we’re blowing up. The incredibly talented Shane Dawson is helping us with it, and our official launch was Jan. 2. We have already taped a dozen collabs with celebrities like Joey Graceffa and Trisha Paytas.

Are any new books in the works?

We are always writing and working on new projects. We write our own books. We don’t use ghostwriters, we use real ghosts! Currently the two of us are working on a second volume of Died Too Young.

PSYCHIC POWER: The sisters have saved marriages, helped solve murder cases, help find missing persons and even diagnose illnesses.

You have a mini media empire with books, a website, TV show, etc. What is the one thing in entertainment or media that you still want to do?

We have always dreamed of making a feature film based on our life story Separated at Earth, which is the name of our memoir. Our life has been like a surreal movie, sort of like Harry Potter meets The Hunger Games. It reads like fiction but all of these incredible stories actually happened to us. We still can’t believe we survived.

I myself am a twin. What is the best part for you about being a twin?

Coming into this world with a twin is kind of like a ride share. We are a 'bifurcated soul,' which is one soul with two bodies. That’s very unusual for twins. The two of us have elevated co-dependency to the level of a science. The best part is having someone there with you in the face of life-or-death challenges ... and also to share all the joyful moments with someone who has been there with you every step of the way. We have both survived cancer, poverty and unimaginable loss together.

Is it possible for you to forecast anything about me personally without having met me? What’s in my future?

We don’t need to meet someone in person to do a reading. You are a truth teller, a very evolved and gentle soul with a mission of getting to the heart of the issues. We see a journalism award in your future, and more recognition coming. You had a past life as a Druid in 11th Century England, and you worked with magic and healing. You have a gift of clairsentience ­(clear feeling), which means you are an empath. You are also a bit clairaudient, which means you are able to receive messages from the spirits of those who have passed. Your twin brother does too, but not as developed as you. You and your twin have a telepathic bond with each other, and always have. (Only 30% of twins have a telepathic connection.) We coined the word 'Twintuition' back in the '90s to describe the special psychic bond between twins. Wishing you a twin-tastic new year, Chris, and we’ll see you in the future ...