'What Now? Remind Me' Wins Big at Valdivia Film Fest

"What Now? Remind Me"

"Fango" takes the Special Jury Prize, while "Root" tops the Chilean competition.

VALDIVIA – Joaqim Pinto’s biographical doc What Now? Remind me was the big winner at the international competition of the 20th Valdivia Film Festival, which closed Sunday with a ceremony in the Cervantes Theater hosted by fest director Bruno Bettati and actress Ingrid Isensee. The film, which also honored in Locarno this year, also picked up the Critic’s Award.

Jose Celestino Campusano’s Fango was the runnner-up with a Special Jury Prize, while two mentions were given to Lois Patiño’s Costa da Morte and local doc Naomi Campbel, a powerful fiction/documentary about a transexual woman from a marginal neighborhood who tries to get a sex-change operation through a reality show. The film was directed by Camila Donoso and Nicolas Videla.

The Chilean competition, which displays the latest of this boomig local production, was topped by Matias Rojas’ road-movie Root. The category’s second place was for El Vals de los inutiles, Edison Cajas’ documentary on the students’ movement and their struggle against an unfair educational system that dates back to Pinochet’s dictatorship.

Another big local winner was Diego Ayala and Anibal Jofre’s second feature, Volantin Cortao, an intense coming-of-age story starring Loreto Velazquez and Rene Miranda, which picked two  Audience Awards (for best Chilean film and best film in the international competition). The movie will be one of the three LatAm features in competition at the Rome Film Festival.  

A complete list of winners follows.

Best Film in the International Competition
What Now? Remind Me, by Joaquim Pinto (Portugal)

Special Jury Prize
Fango, by José Celestino Campusano (Argentina)

Special Mentions
Costa da Morte, by Lois Patiño (Spain) and Naomi Campbel, by Camila Donoso and Nicolás Videla (Chile)

Critic’s Award: Premio de la Crítica Largometraje Internacional
What Now? Remind Me, by Joaquim Pinto (Portugal)

Audience Award in the International Competition
Volantín Cortao, by Diego Ayala and Anibal Jofré (Chile)

Best Chilean Film
Root, by Matías Rojas (Chile)

Special Jury Prize in the Chilean Competition
El vals de los inútiles, by Edison Cajas (Chile)

Best Latin American Short Film
O amor que nao ouza dizer seu nome, by Barbara Roma (Brazil)

Special Mention
Montaje Anónimo, by Marcelo del Campo (Chile)

Best Short Film from Araucanía – Los Ríos
Extranjeros, by Matías Baeza (Chile)

VTR Audience Award
Volantín Cortao, by Diego Ayala and Anibal Jofré (Chile)

Best Children's Short Film
Nuestra arma es nuestra lengua, by Cristian Carter (Argentina)