What’s New on DVD

An early farewell to “Friday Night Lights.”

The bad news — the death of what might be TV’s most painstakingly realistic fictional show — is so bad that on the commentary track for the last episode, showrunner Jason Katims damn near starts crying. Fans, many of whom never thought they’d get addicted to a drama about a small-town Texas high school football team, don’t have to wait until the final season starts airing April 15 on NBC — you can watch it on DVD starting April 5, with a nostalgic half-hour featurette, The Lights Go Out, two commentaries, deleted scenes and a last episode about 18 minutes longer than is typical.

Best of all, its creators knew early on that it was the final season, so instead of an abrupt ending, there’s a well-crafted buildup to a satisfying finale — more like Six Feet Under’s than The Sopranos’. The tug of loss amid gridiron triumph feels almost like life itself. “We give characters dreams, and crush them,” producer David Hudgins says. “Sometimes maybe too much. But that’s what makes it more real.”

Universal, $29.98