What's Under Those Oscar Gowns? Maidenform Shapewear, Bien Sur!

Maidenform Stylist Wardrobe Trunk - P 2013
Courtesy of Chanel

Maidenform Stylist Wardrobe Trunk - P 2013

Don't be too jealous of the red carpet bodies you're seeing at the Oscars. They're all wearing shapewear, and lots of it.

Hollywood — land of illusions. 

Maidenform did its annual delivery of wardrobe trucks filled with shapewear solutions including thigh slimmers, waist nippers and full-body briefers, as well as convertible bras and seamless panties to top celeb stylists. The company does this every year, with stylists such as Lawren Sample (who works with Christina Hendricks) and Nicolas Bru (Kelly Osbourne's outfitter) going on the record with how much they depend on these items. 

How uncomfortable are all the starlets in full-body shapewear under already-corseted boned gowns? Actually, new technology makes them not as daunting as they used to be (though Amanda Seyfried just told Kristin Chenoweth that she felt like her "organs were being squeezed out" of her Alexander McQueen dress). 

If you think shapewear is only brought out on Oscar day, think again. Mad Men costumer Janie Bryant says she personally wears shapewear all the time -- under both jeans and leggings -- because it gives her more polished look, not to mention confidence.

So yes, while Oscar-rexic diets and workout plans run rampant in town this time of year, there's no need to feel bad if your spare tire is inflated more than usual. You're likely not alone.