'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Wins $1 Million (Video)

Wheel of Fortune Million Dollar Winner Autumn - H 2013

Wheel of Fortune Million Dollar Winner Autumn - H 2013

Autumn Ernhard became the second person to take home the seven-figure grand prize.

Wheel of Fortune crowned a $1 million bonus-round winner for the second time in the show's history on Thursday night, as contestant Autumn Ernhard didn't hesitate with a guess with only four letters revealed. 

"This looks challenging to me," relayed host Pat Sajak. "The category is Thing, you have 10 seconds."

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Immediately after the host stopped talking, Ernhard matter-of-factly answered: "Tough Workout." The correct response seemed to elicit some surprise from even Sajak, who went on to happily congratulate the contestant for winning a total of $1,030,040.

The impressive answer landed the contestant in select company. The only other $1 million winner was a New Jersey woman, Michelle Loewenstein, who claimed winnings of $1,026,800 in October 2008. 

"I didn't sleep that whole night," Ernhard wrote Friday in a recap of the night on the Wheel of Fortune blog. "I still didn't believe it had happened, however, the paperwork was there sitting beside me to remind me that it did. What a crazy and adventurous couple of days. I guess turning thirty hasn't been too bad!"

Watch below: